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Sainsbury's Food Colleges

This year, we opened six Food Colleges across the UK, offering training to the colleagues who work on our meat, fish, hot food counters and cafés. The colleges, at Murrayfield, Bradford, Oldbury, Hempstead Valley, Calcott and London Colney, help colleagues provide the very best food and service to our customers.

The colleges offer in-depth training from a team of experts, covering everything from product knowledge to knife skills and food preparation, ensuring our colleagues are fully accomplished in their fields. We also provide training on retail skills, such as customer service, sales and merchandising. Over 2,500 colleagues have already passed through the colleges and we anticipate that over 15,000 colleagues will attend them this year.

The Food Colleges follow on from the successful opening of Sainsbury's Bakery College last year, which continues to offer first-rate training for our new bakers and bakery managers.