Working with others

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Working with others

Engaging stakeholders

We have an extensive and continuous programme of public and private discussions and meetings. Our aim is to learn and get feedback on our progress, as well as to innovate and take inspiration from the work of others, ensuring that our plans evolve to anticipate the ever-changing world. We look to show leadership where we can, and collaborate as well as compete to deliver positive change.


We are particularly focused on engaging our suppliers. For example, over 150 of our key suppliers join our Annual Supplier
Conference to talk with our senior leaders about their part in delivering our 20x20 Sustainability Plan and how this can be embedded into our joint business planning. There is a very strong appetite for this amongst our suppliers who increasingly recognise the importance of this agenda and want to work more closely with us to create joint solutions that deliver shared value to both businesses.

Business strategy

Our strategy centres around three areas of focus, which are underpinned by customer insight and our values.

20x20 Sustainability plan

Guided by our values, we've set ourselves 20 challenging sustainability targets to reach by 2020.

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