Operational waste

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Operational waste

We’ll reduce waste and put it to positive use in our business

Our progress so far

  • Our Cannock store is the first retail outlet to come off the National Grid and be powered by food waste alone
  • We donate surplus food fit for human consumption from over 300 stores to local charities. In 2013/14 we also donated 611 tonnes (over 1.2 million meals) of surplus food from our chilled supply chain to FareShare and Betel of Britain
  • We convert 100 per cent of our unsold bread into animal feed
  • Largest provider of donations to Oxfam outside their own shops. In 2013/14 our colleagues and customers donated around 2,992 tonnes of clothing and accessories as well as over 561 tonnes of books, CDs and DVDs
  • Extended recycling scheme in selected stores to include Easter egg packaging and pumpkins following Halloween

Little Story: Positive Waste

The 'Positive Waste' band perform their hit 'Waste not, Want not' - all about our 'No waste to landfill policy'. Tune!

Recycle Now's Recycling Locator

The online tool is designed to help make recycling information clearer and more straightforward for households, so they can easily find out how and where items can be recycled locally. It allows householders to identify the materials that are accepted as part of their local recycling collection scheme; both at the kerbside and at bring sites. The tool has been created with involvement from Waste Awareness Wales, WRAP Northern Ireland and Valpak.