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Best for food and health

As a business based on providing great food at fair prices, and with over 24 million customer transactions a week, one of our most important responsibilities is to offer people the best for food and health.


David Beckham visits his old primary school for Active Kids

The return to Chase Lane primary school marks his first steps through the gates since he left 30 years ago. To the audience of 180 10 year olds, David Beckham made a surprise appearance at the Friday morning assembly before going on a tour of Chase Lane primary school. He dropped in on classes, met the football team before they head off to Wembley for the national finals and saw how they put their Active Kids equipment to use.

15 May 2014

The Wells Family Challenge

The Wells Challenge highlights the important role pharmacists have to play in improving the nation's health. The Wells Challenge was independently monitored by leading think tank 2020health and assessed the health impact of 10 families - all with the surname Wells - as they received expert guidance and support from Sainsbury's pharmacists.

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