The application process

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The application process

More detail about what is entailed in the application process.

1. Apply

Complete the application form.

2. Applications screened

Sainsbury's screens applications and discusses them with the relevant buyers.

3. Supplier feedback / further info requested

We will request samples and further details on products of interest to the buyer. Feedback will be sent to the supplier if buyer cannot progress with the product.

4. Meeting invitation sent out

Shortlisted suppliers will be invited to come and meet the relevant food team in Holborn, London or clothing and General Merchandise team in Coventry.

5. Feedback

Suppliers will receive feedback from the relevant team members and the supplier will have the chance to ask any questions.

6. Successful producers begin supplier set up

Successful producers have a meeting with the Sainsbury's category team. The team includes a product developer and product technologist (if the product is Own Brand), a buyer and a representative from the supply chain.

Following this meeting, if the product is Own Brand, the producer's site is audited, a product brief is issued, product development continues, cost prices are agreed and supply chain discussions take place, including the number of days' production and delivery. We support the 'SALSA' scheme, which offers both mentoring and an audit to determine safety, legality and quality standards of the producer's site. Further details can be found at This will form part of our core due diligence requirement.

Product Developers (if the product is Own Brand)

Product Developers work with producers to create new products and improve existing ones. They look at the quality and sourcing of the ingredients, how the product fits into the rest of the range and how the packaging will look. If successful, you'll mainly work with the Product Developer prior to launching your product.

Product Technologists (if the product is Own Brand)

Product Technologists manage the technical side of our products. They work with producers to help them understand our technical requirements and how to use our technical systems. They are also responsible for making sure that all our products are safe. If successful, you'll work with the Product Technologist prior to launching your product to develop your technical understanding.


Buyers are responsible for the commercial aspect of projects. They decide what we sell in the range. If successful you'll work with the buyer prior to launch to agree costs and post launch to discuss how the product is performing and potential promotions.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team co-ordinates the transportation of products from producers to stores. If successful, you'll mainly work with the Supply Chain team post launch to manage the delivery of your product into our depots.

Our values

Our five values provide the framework for how we do business at Sainsbury's. They guide us in everything we do - from key business decisions to day-to-day activities.

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Our Sustainability plan

Our Sustainability Plan shows our journey addressing the challenges and opportunities not only relevant to our business but also to the world.

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