Sainsbury’s Farming Scholars Programme


Sainsbury’s Farming Scholars Programme

Sainsbury’s Farming Scholarship is a one-year programme that enables motivated farmers and growers that supply Sainsbury’s to explore a common theme critical to the future success of their businesses. The group will share learning from their own experiences, visit experts in the subject being studied and receive input on the science underpinning the theme, from our partners in the scholarship, Imperial College.

2015 Scholarship theme; Soil Health & Management

Soils and growing media are one of the most important resources for a farmer or grower. It is a common resource that unites nearly all farmers and growers in some way. Whatever crop the soil, or growing media is producing, common principles apply to its management, enhancement and sustainability. How do the diverse sectors within Agriculture and Horticulture manage soils? Where are the opportunities to get more productivity out of our soils? How can science and technology play a role in soil management in the future? These questions, as well as others, will be the focus for our 2015 scholarship programme.

Key points

  • Scholars should be able and willing to spend 15 days away from their current role between Easter and December 2015, to take part in the scholarship.
  • Scholars should be willing to share findings at selected events throughout the year as opportunities become available.
  • Scholars must have practical experience in managing soils to boost productivity. A passion to explore this theme in more detail and a belief that soils can unlock potential in a Horticulture or Agriculture business.

What does it cost to be a scholar?

The cost of attending the Scholarship will be covered by Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s will make a contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Any farmer member of a Sainsbury’s development group
  • Any horticultural grower who supplies Sainsbury’s
  • Any supplier who is actively involved in Sainsbury’s Agriculture and Horticulture supply chains with a role that involves working with their farmers and growers

When will I start?

Applications close on 31 January 2015. The scholarship will commence in Easter 2015 with a four-day induction and an introduction to the topic.

Sign up

If you are interested in joining the programme, please fill in an application form and send it to

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