Horticulture and Agriculture Apprenticeship Scheme

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Horticulture and Agriculture Apprenticeship Scheme

An apprenticeship scheme designed for Sainsbury’s Agriculture and Horticulture supply chains, matching enthusiastic apprentices to apprenticeship opportunities with Sainsbury’s farmers and growers.

Food and farming is worth over £100bn per year to the UK economy supporting 1 in 8 jobs. Food production is becoming ever more important due to the increase in demand for food globally, combined with the challenges faced by increasing competition for a decreasing supply of natural resources. Sainsbury's recognise the challenges that this will bring and aims to build resilient supply chains to ensure long term security, sustainability and efficiency in food production. To achieve this, we need talented and dedicated young people to become the next generation of experienced farmers and growers in our supply chains.

Sainsbury's have joined forces with Reaseheath College to offer a unique Apprenticeship Scheme aimed specifically at our primary supply chains in Horticulture and Agriculture. 

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The scheme is open to any grower or farmer that supplies Sainsbury’s and are looking to take on an apprentice in their business, enabling them to invest in skills development. The apprentice will work towards a Level 2 city and guilds work based diploma in either Agriculture or Horticulture. All potential apprentices will spend a year full time at Reaseheath college prior to the commencement of the apprenticeship with their employer in order to equip them to enter the workplace. Employers will be supported throughout the apprenticeship from recruitment through to supporting their apprentice on the job.

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Potential apprentices, farmers and growers who supply Sainsbury’s can find out more by emailing Farm.Apprenticeships@sainsburys.co.uk or Jo.Maher@reaseheath.ac.uk

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